James Norton in Campaigns & Elections Talking 2017

James Norton, president and founder of Play-Action Strategies: "2017 will prove that the events and surprises of the 2016 elections were not blips on the radar, but instead taught lessons that will actually stick with us. 

Following the hacking incidents, most notably of the DNC, the major parties will finally prioritize cybersecurity and spend major dollars on security features and on educating their respective campaign communities. 

Congress will buckle down and focus on average Americans’ concerns regarding economic advancement and health care, resulting in a break from the gridlock and a reform agenda that will dictate the campaign themes for the 2018 midterms. Finally, the Virginia and New Jersey governors’ elections will be hard fought after Democrats watched Republicans dominate at the state level in 2016. Democrats’ renewed vigor will result in a victory in New Jersey, but Ed Gillespie will prevail in Virginia."

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