Way to Go! Nanami Horie, Port Washington

Way to Go! Nanami Horie, Port Washington 


June 27, 2016 1:00 PM 

By Michael R. Ebert michael.ebert@newsday.com


Nanami Horie, a fifth-grader at Guggenheim Elementary School, was the New York State winner of the Shade Foundation of America's 2016 Poster Contest.

Nanami Horie, a fifth­grader at Guggenheim Elementary School, was New York State winner in the Shade Foundation of America’s 2016 Poster Contest. The competition, open to students in kindergarten through eighth grade, asked entrants to submit hand­drawn posters that showed at least five sun safety tips. Nanami’s poster, with the slogan “Be Sun Wise,” was a color drawing of young girls taking steps to guard against melanoma, including wearing sunscreen and protective clothing, using umbrellas at the beach and getting vitamin D by eating fish. 

She received a Shade Foundation backpack, a sun safety kit and an award certificate in recognition of her creativity in spreading awareness and valuable tips for skin protection.

Shade Foundation chairman James Norton noted that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, with one in five Americans getting the disease. “We can teach children to protect themselves from ultraviolet radiation at a young age, decreasing their chance of developing skin cancer later in life,” he said.

Nanami was encouraged to participate in the contest by her fifth­grade teacher, Natalie Miller. Six other students from Miller’s class earned UV wristbands for their participation.